14 August 2017

Bird Toilet

Had a run into Folkestone today as I had a dentist appointment and thought the bike would be better.

Nice and sunny. Parked almost outside and was early. Went for a coffee at the cafe over the road. They couldn't make change for a tenner and trusted me to go back. Biker friendly.

After the scraping around I had a walk to Debenham's for another drink and make change.

Back at the bike I couldn't believe it. Bird shit on the screen and tank. Spattered on the chrome work too.

I stopped at the café and paid my £1.30 and rode home to clean the bike.

A short ride that would have been longer without those bloody birds.

11 August 2017

Custom Screens

I have been looking at the smaller flyscreens as the big screen on Pepé can be a bit of a pain in the wet as no matter how much polish it has on it, it still becomes a little hard to see through and you have to look over.

I have thought about hydro-dipping but have yet to fnd someone that will reply to an email enquiry or in fact show an example of a Rocket flyscreen suitably decorated.

I have seen the work from Chris at Custom-Sculpt.  He does all kinds of different work and has a portfolio of bike work and a lot of R3 stuff.

You can design your own but I have always liked Iron Maiden's "Eddie".  A quick email confirms that Chris has the mould and can make one. I can decide on any colours I want as the mould starts off plain.  He has work piled up and so I'd have to fit in. That's fine with me. Time to put some pennies away.

10 August 2017

Sinterklaastreffen 2017

It's a bit early to be booking bike trips into December. But seeing a special offer where the return fare to France for bike and rider was only £22.50 ($28.50 or so) for what amounts to two 90 minute (not luxurious though) cruises is the cheapest I have seen it for many a good year.  Book now!! Thank you P&O.

As every other year since we stopped going for the weekend, the plan will be to go over early but not too early. Fill the tank with slightly cheaper EU benzine and go to Ostend. Check out the chocolate shops and have lunch. See St Nick. Then ride home after a good day in Europe.

I'll probably put it on the Meldrews' Facebook page  at some stage in case there are any takers for the trip.  I have been Johnny No-Mates a few times and the last time it was just me and Cal.

Still a while to go before December 2nd.

Paul Devall shared an album with you from the Flickr app! Take a look: https://flic.kr/s/aHskn4opxt

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