4 June 2017

June run out

The last two weekends were crossed off as potential bike runs out as we were on holiday in France and in the car.

With such a log gap between rides I begin to feel guilty. Since I stopped commuting on two wheels I haven't even become a regular and fair weather rider.

So when I saw on facebook that some Meldrews were having a breakfast run to thr Blue and White I decided to go. 

Otherwise I was going for an aimless ride across the marsh.

Yesterday I found a bottle of cleaner in the garage I had forgotten I had. The petrol/gas tank was a little dirty. A few squirts of this magic no water needed elixir and a rub over with a microfibre cloth and it was super shiny.

So I hauled Pepé out of the garage and headed to the café. Egg sandwich for me.

After an hour of chat we went our separate ways. Mine was to Tesco to fill up after the ride to Wimbledon a month ago! Tesco to Tesco was 160.2 miles. I was dreading filling the tank but was surprised at at an average cruising speed of 75mph (cough cough) that I could only squeeze 16.9 litres into the tank.

I have also joined Fuelly and have the app on my phone. First fuel came out at 43.1mpg.

From there I went on a longer run home arriving back just before noon.

A good ride out but only about 30 miles added to the odometer.

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