15 December 2017

The Hairy Bikers

With biking being set to one side for the winter. It's too cold and too icy to venture out too far it at all at the moment. So Rocket web surfing has to do.

I remembered seeing these guys a few years back, when they did a series touring the UK doing cooking and visiting places that cook and sell food.  Regional recipes etc.

As they were on Rocket Touring models.

Here they are.

5 December 2017


For the summer?

I had an email (and no doubt everyone else with a Triumph did!) from Triumph announcing a clear out of parts and accessories.for a range of bike including the Rocket.

When I bought Pepé I wanted the flyscreen but with a combined cost over £250 for the screen and fittings,  I couldn't justify the expense.  Unlike the X model that came with it fitted the ordinary Roadster came with nothing.  

So when I saw in the list of parts at half or even lower price I chased it up. The flyscreen blade came out at just over £40. With all the bits, some genuine parts an some pattern the total cost is about £125.

The reason for pattern parts made by a guy, David Gill, is because the screen needs two brackets to hold it in place. One side is out of stock at Triumph!  And given that the bike is no longer in production as it couldn't meet the latest EU emissions regs, what chance of stuff being made?

What happens if an owner has an accident and needs a replacement?  Looks like tough titty!

I have everything I need.  I had toyed with the custom screen but the guy hasn't come back to me since August (!) and so I have given up on that.

The flyscreen I have bought is the gloss with red stripes to compliment Pepé's existing colour scheme. 

Photo session to follow.

27 November 2017

Sinterklaastreffen 2017?

Currently the UK is in the grip of a cold spell.  Winds from the north-west are coming from the pole and bringing icy conditions to the south of England and snow and ice to the more northerly climes.


The decision whether to go to Belgium will be taken later in the week.  The newspapers are scaremongering about "arctic conditions" being with us for weeks rather than the usual days.  

One of the geographical benefits of where we are off the coast of mainland Europe means that we benefit from the jet stream and that generally brings warmer air up from the equator that means we get less snow but we get more rain than the Europeans. 

Unfortunately it looks as though we are going to be north of the jet stream this week and in the cold air.

It was very cold on Friday when I went on the Ride for Kelly and on Saturday we (Neill, my brother and me)  went to the football (soccer y'all) at Gillingham and even with four layers of clothing, gloves and woolie hats it was still freezing!

Today it was heavy rain!  

The ide aof a Johnny No-Mates trip across the Channel to Belgium in the pissing rain or freesing icy cold is not that attractive!

Let's see........

Update 28/11/2017

Weather forecast for the weekend has taken a turn for the worst.

They are now saying that Friday into the weekend will have what they euphemistically call "wintry showers" during the day and overnight.


Update 29/11/2017

Definitely not going now.  Snow forecast for the south-east and "near continent".  That's Belgium.  Riding a £10000 ($12700) bike in those conditions it a definite no-no.

Update 4/12/2017

It didn't snow but on the morning I should have set off it was -3C in Hythe. Frost and ice to scrape off the car....

24 November 2017

Last Ride for Kelly

The RV was supposed  be no later than 0945. So I arrived at 0920 and found one scooter there and John the organiser.

I parked up near the church and went into the coffee shop. A couple of skinny latté  later the scooters had begun to multiply and a couple of other bikes had joined in.

I was talking to some of the guys when we discovered that the church proceedings started at 1100.
At 1045 we were asked to fire-up and give a rev as the hearse passed by.

It was getting on for noon when we finally got to move and the escort began.

The cremation commitment was private for the family. I carried on from there to get a parcel from the post office and home.

It was cold but dry and sunny.

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